by Fle$h Evta

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Fle$h Evta's Debut Tape




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Fle$h Evta Atlanta, Georgia

The Undaground Necromancer mane.




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Track Name: Mystical Necromancer (Prod. KevinTheCreep)
Look into my eyes bitch
tell me what you see
mystic powers
evil ways
consume me
smoke yo bones to ash
roll em up
spark a blunt of death
gaining power
from tha souls
of my victims
as they take they last breath
anti christ
gangsta creepin
out my fucking tomb
hear da screams
anotha victim meet they fucking doom
scum of the earth
since i stepped out tha fucking womb
hear da spirits
know whats coming
Fle$h da fucking black sheep
deep when we fucking creep
pumpin shells
in yo fucking gut
murda in tha first
ducked off in the fucking kut
Track Name: Skeletal Mages FT. 6senz (Prod. KevinTheCreep)
glock in my mothafuckin draws
pyschopathic lunatic
tryna keep from blasting off my fucking balls
test my nutz
get ya brains splatterd
on tha fucking wall
ya body drop
im standing tall
6senz and flesh
collecting souls
anotha victim shows
hit the sac
grab the mask
we gotta roll
creep up slow
tip toe
hide n seek
on yo ass
busta mothafucka
feel the range of my blast
if i catch you slippin
put the tech in yo eye
hoe say goodbye
evil mothafucka
on a mission
with the devil inside
emergin from that gates
creep up slow
in yo mothafuckin space
shove that tech
in yo face
Track Name: Bone Prison (Prod. 3DMG)
Straight emerging from the fucking gates
Evil ass pimp
casting spells
pure fucking hate
ana on my chest
raise from the dead to whoop a hoe
straight creeping up with that 44
time to show these bitch niggas
how the fuck i roll
mask up on my skull
tip toe
as i fucking scope
take the shot
hoping yo brains
right up out
ya motha fucking skull
leave ya dead
collect ya soul
hit the sac
got me clicking
bitch here i fucking come
dropping bodys when i cock the fucking gun
got you in a trance
hearing evil chants
take yo last breath
Track Name: Bloody FootHills (Prod. DJ Dvrqsyde X APOC KRYSIS)
Demons in my mothafucking head
lose control
syphon soul
gut ya whole
with my rust blade
on my mothafucking side
feel the paing and tortue
as you look in my fucking eyes
devil boy
pistol gripin
pull da 9 from my fucking hip
got a lot of bullets
in my mothafucking clip
watch ya body drop
5 shots
you fucking plop
sirens whailing
here come da mothafucking cops
pop tha trunk
pump da sawed off
bullets flying
dropin em off
like some mothafucking punks
leave ya body stankin
necro pimp always motha fuckin gankin
Track Name: South Exorcist (Prod. SKIMASKHUE)
Creeping out the kut
with my mothafucking weapon tucked
evil mothafucka
spill ya guts
smoking on a junt
loced out
mask up on my skull
bitch im ready to go
meet yo maker
drag ya body
30 graves
for 30 fucking souls
runnin up on me
ima have to crack ya fucking skull
yung scum
from the dirty fucking south
sould my soul
with one fucking goal
deadly as i creep
with that chrome 44
collecting bodys
oh shit here i fucking go
Track Name: Undaground Necromancer (Prod. MVRTIN DV MVKXR)
Demon in these streets
kryptic flow
rip apart these fucking beats
with the 12 gauge to yo fucking knees
beg and plead
aint no mercy hoe
hit a fuckiung stang
take some big steps
evil mothafucka
on the othaside
aint got shit left
hear da chants
feel da trance
demons in yo mind
rip yo soul
from you hoe
feel da pain
blow yo brain
undaground necromancer mane
roll a junt
smoke a junt
im just chilling so relax
till i have to rip yo spine
shang tsung
till the end of fucking time

loced out
bawlin in da chevy thang
drop top
on these hoes
shout out for the slab
mane it aint no game
got yo main bitch
and she give me brain
now you mad
pussy boi
stay in yo mothafuckin lane
aztec blood
flowing through my viens
shout out S.I.C till the end of days
bumping Dom and The stonesta
that 9 out the holsta
Ruthless mothafucka
as the Undaground necromancer
Track Name: Halls Of Agony (Prod. Apoc Krysis X KevinTheCreep)
on my way to hell
slippin thru the mothafuckin cracks
syphon soul
crush ya skull
round 3
here we go

creepin up on a hoe
with the mask up on my skull
ana for the weak
crush ya spirit
rest in fucking peace

necro pimp
with the fucking pistol grip
run ya mouth
bust yo mothafuckin lip
raise ya from the dead
just to kill you ass again
undaground necro
coming for these fucking hoes
stepping out my krypt
with the fucking 44
devil on my side
how the fuck i roll

blunt smokinn
pyscho lunatic
evil ass grin
on my face
as my minions rip yo shit
screams of pain
as you die bit by bit
meet yo maker
Track Name: *Bonus Track* Fuck You Slutz (Prod. Tyris White)
Bitches on my jock
and they might plot
tryna catch a nigga sleep
but im neva caught
fle$h dropping bodys like a blood clot
dump em off like the ash from my fucking blunt
as i lift off
on these fucking hoes
dick so good
got em curling they toes
going in raw
directors kut
disrespectful mothafucka
and im bout to nut
on her belly
leave her looking kinda messy
then i hit the doe
back to the cash flow
hop in my mothafucking 64
see the opps
we gon great em
with them 44 glocks
leaving bodys laid out for the fucking cops
pull up the next bitch house
creeping in quiet as a mouse
in an out the pussy then i gotta bounce
anotha day anotha nut busted
im wrapping my jimmy cuz ion fucking trust it